American Brewing/Bucha Inc. (ABRW), a stock we recommended at .40/share last month announced a monster merger agreement with $50 million privately owned New Age Beverage, gaining market leading brands such as XingTea®, which is distributed in major national retailers across 46 states and in 10 countries around the world.

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Shares are beginning to move (currently up 20%) on the news, and given the size of the merger, I expect a multi-day move in shares this week. 

Read the merger announcement here: 

Búcha, Inc. Signs Merger Agreement with $50 Million New Age Beverages/Xingtea Group to Create a Leading Healthy Functional Beverage Company

And congratulations to our subscribers who bought ABRW shares at .35-.40 range last month. The ride is just beginning!

25 million O/S post-merger/acquisition and at just 1X sales and assuming no growth, that’s $2.00 a share. 

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