FDA Approval of TrifericRockwell Medical (RMTI) Gets FDA Approval of Triferic

In news out in pre-market, Rockwell Medical (RMTI) received  FDA approval of Triferic, a new drug that delivers iron to the bone marrow via dialysate in a non-invasive manner to treat iron-deficiency anemia in End Stage Renal Disease patients.
End Stage Renal Disease affects 2.52 million patients globally and is growing 6-8% annually, exceeding population growth rates in much of the world.

Rockwell is also planning to develop new brand extensions based on Triferic to treat other iron-deficiency anemia indications including: stages 3 and 4 chronic kidney disease, oncology, women’s health, pre-mature babies, gastroenterology and parenteral nutrition, as well as new drugs for other targeted renal therapies and indications.

The average analyst estimate for 2015 is for 85% revenue growth yoy and EPS to turn a positive .25/share.

Rockwell Medical Estimates Year Ending December 2014 Year Ending December 2015
Avg. EPS Estimate -0.47 0.25
No. of Analysts 5.00 5.00
Avg. Revenue Estimate 52.79M 97.94M
No. of Analysts 5 6

Most recent coverage from Oppenheimer on January 6, with a $24/share price target.

Rockwell will be introducing Triferic in presentations to nephrologists at the Annual Dialysis Conference January 31 – February 3, 2015.

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