In our first month since launch at, our December picks are up an average of 35% as of the close on 1/14/2015 (see picks and performance page).

InVivo Therapeutics has gained 36% since we published this article and we believe the stock will continue to outperform during 2015 as more patients are enrolled in clinical trials of the company’s Neuro-Spinal Scaffold for spinal cord injury patients.

The first patient in clinical trials, Jordan Fallis (see our exclusive interview) is, by all accounts, doing extremely well.

Here is a video of Jordan walking with assistance in a pool during a recent rehab session.

The FDA’s expedited enrollment plan for InVivo’s pilot trial of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold is also very encouraging.

Biotech analyst, Jason Napodano, recently wrote: “If there is one stock that has the potential to have a big move higher in 2015, it is InVivo Therapeutics.”

We agree.  At we still hold our core position taken December 17th and will add to that as opportunities present.

The market has been especially volatile during the first two weeks of the year, mostly due to the continued plunge in oil prices.  However, during the same period many pharmaceutical and biotech names have strongly outperformed the market (as our early picks have shown). While biotech stocks won’t escape the volatility of the market in general, we believe the early trend for 2015 with select biotech stocks outperforming will continue and will be here to uncover them for our subscribers.

InVIVO Therapeutics - coming upComing up: A virtually unknown biotech stock that has passed our initial checklist as having potential to make a major move this year. The company is a true nanocap at present and my partner and I will be speaking with management to get more information.

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2 thoughts on “InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Update

  1. The CEO of InVivo stated that the company would only comment on the trials as they are ongoing if there were to be “dramatic news, good or bad”
    The fact that the patient is clearly able to move his leg below the knew qualifies as such, i believe. So, expect a serious news release soon.
    Also, at least a few major news organizations are said to be working on the news related to this truly eye popping YouTube video and that shoe may drop at any time, of course.
    If there is a precedent in medicine or science for what NVIV accomplished in the last 90 days, I do not know what it may be.
    The 1st in human spinal scaffold implant and it has clearly restored movement below the severed area. Astounding science and likely a giant winner for investors in coming sessions as this news breaks around the world.

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