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Now that we’ve begun to establish a track record here at, I thought I’d provide an update on our overall performance and highlight some positive recent events from a few of our picks.

  • Our picks at averaged a return of 74.7% from date of our initial article to post article high, and a 28.6% gain from date of publication to close on 5/8/2015.
  • YTD the DOW,NASDAQ, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 indices are up a modest 2.0%-5.7%


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Company Name Ticker Report Date & Link Report Price Return to 5/8/2015 Return to High Price Pre-Report Volume (week before) Post-Report Volume (Average weekly after)
 Moko Social Media MOKO 4/27/15 5.18 2.3% 9.8% 25,160 42,500
 MGT Capital MGT 4/6/15 0.57 -17.5% 26.3% 279,500 1,349,667
 Solar3D SLTD 3/23/15 3.62 19.3% 58.0% 1,753,700 4,184,035
 Chanticleer Holdings HOTR 3/3/15 2.21 16.7% 42.5% 585,600 2,441,915
 Bio-AMD BIAD 2/2/15 0.19 -14.7% 60.0% 1,105,100 862,665
 Vuzix Corporation VUZI 1/5/15 5.46 9.5% 38.3% 366,300 784,955
 Zogenix ZGNX 1/2/15 1.42 -1.4% 38.0% 14,154,600 17,351,435
 Sorrento Therapeutics SRNE 12/24/14 8.60 43.6% 66.3% 2,984,700 1,914,225
 InVivo Therapeutics NVIV 12/17/14 4.32 199.8% 355.6% 1,597,400 5,412,095
 Rockwell Medical RMTI 12/12/14 8.20 28.8% 52.1% 2,880,500 4,123,615
 Source: Yahoo Finance


Harris Shapiro and I investigate companies from top to bottom before selecting them as a pick for our subscribers. We scrutinize their SEC filings looking for red flags, we speak to management (often several times) to clear up concerns we may have, and we will only publish a pick if we are in agreement that it has a high probability to outperform.

While we do get paid for some of our research, (which we always disclose in the article), this ensures that remains free for subscribers. Many other sites charge (often exorbitantly) for their picks and yet they don’t have the track record we’re establishing here. We’ve also passed on offers for articles on some companies that we felt had too many red flags to outperform as our picks have above.

Recent developments/positive news from some of our picks:

  • Rockwell Medical (RMTI) was our pick at $8.20/share on 12/12/2014 and closed Friday at $10.56 after reporting a solid Q1.
  • Sorrento Therapeutics (SRNE) was our pick at $8.60/share on 12/24/2014 also had a strong Q1 and a positive report on pharmacokinetic (PK) data from its TRIBECA registrational trial (see Zacks Small Cao Research article). SRNE closed Friday at $12.41 in afterhours.
  • InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) was our pick at a split-adjusted $4.32/share on 12/17/2014  while on the OTC market. Since then, NVIV uplisted to NASDAQ and has had a great deal of positive developments which you can review here. NVIV closed at $12.95 Friday, representing a split-adjusted 200% gain from our initial coverage. Highly regarded biotech research analyst Jason Napondano wrote a great article on InVivo at SeekingAlpha that we recommend subscribers read here.
  • Solar3D (SLTD) gained as much as 58% following our article and since reported operating income of $311,072 for 2014 compared to an operating loss of $1.1 million for 2013. We believe Solar3D is a high growth company with the cash and strong management team to continue their successful M&A strategy this year to further ramp revenue as well as future bottom line growth. Also following our article, SLTD was picked on 4/23/15 as one of “3 stocks under $10 to trade for big breakouts” by
  • I’ll be updating subscribers on nanocap Bio-AMD (BIAD) soon. Since our original article share volume and price has dropped off due to lack of public news, but that should change towards the end of this month when the market potential of their Magnetic Immunoassay Detection System (MIDS) technology (obtained out of bankruptcy for pennies on the dollar) is made public. If you are new to our site or this nanocap biotech stock and its potential, please take a few minutes to read about it here. For the patient investor who isn’t flustered by volatility seen in a nanocap/penny stock, it could be the perfect fit for a big return in 6-12 months as commercialization of their technology approaches.
  • Finally, Chanticleer Holdings (HOTR) is an undervalued restaurateur with a strong brand portfolio and significant growth opportunities that we initially wrote about on 3/3/2015 at a close of $2.21/share (see article).

    HOTR has an unbelievably low price-to-sales ratio for the trailing twelve month period of 0.6, while growing Q1 sales by 58% according to announced preliminary results.

Mic HOTR valuation

HOTR shares are now sitting at their 50 day moving average support level and we believe this is an excellent time to initiate or add to a position. HOTR chart at 50 dma

As of March, 31, 2015, the Chanticleer Holdings has 46 company-owned and franchise locations worldwide including thirteen Hooters restaurants, six American Burger Co. restaurants, seven Just Fresh locations and twenty The Burger Joint/BGR locations.

While HOTR shares have pulled back recently from recent highs of $3.10,  (likely due to the filing of a shelf registration on April 27) we believe the filing of the shelf now is a positive (and necessary) for long term, rapid growth. HOTR has entered into an LOI to acquire an eight store, award-winning “better burger” concept in the Pacific Northwest, bringing their restaurant count to 54.

We anticipate Chanticleer Holdings will benefit from an expansion in positive analyst coverage in the near term. The growth HOTR is experiencing is too fast while their price-to-sales multiple is too low to be ignored and we remain very confident in a 12 month price target of $5.00/share as the market continues to discover the company.

Please read our initial article on this undervalued, high growth restaurant stock. We plan to publish an updated article on Chanticleer Holdings that will include quotes from management in the near future.


Harris and I are always surveying the small and microcap space for stocks that will outperform for our growing family of subscribers and we look forward to presenting them to you before the overall market discovers them.

If you’re not a current subscriber, it’s completely free…and because we limit our picks and articles to one or two/month, (preferring quality over quantity), you’ll never be barraged with emails. You can subscribe for free here.

Best wishes for profitable investing! Gary Anderson


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