Redefining Press Releases as a Research Platform

A multi-faceted press release tool where you can begin or supplement all your nano, micro and small cap research in one spot.

Accepting beta users now.

Start Your Research

Researching and finding undervalued microcaps might seem hard, but things are about to become much easier with a powerful research tool being developed by experts who know where investment idea generation starts - at the press release level.

Supplement your nanocap, microcap and small cap research with a next generation application that is poised to become a fast, preferred and comprehensive way to sift through press releases.

Your ground floor feedback will be the most critical aspect of how expansive this becomes, from artificial intelligence to custom alerts, watchlists and immersive real-time research.

Research Microcaps

We've been researching microcap stocks for over 30 years. We know where idea generation starts and shortcomings in the current press release process, Releases arguably play the most important part.

Quick Toggling

If you've always wanted a quick way to browse through press releases, here is your chance. Pick your tabbed view and determine as quickly as possible if a stock fits your criteria.

Expanding to Global Markets

Right now, we focus on US and Canadian smaller capitalized stocks, but have already received requests to expand to other international markets. We have that capability, but are taking baby steps first.

Artificial Intelligence

In the queue is an AI feature that will be available to the every day investor who understands that there is an unfair advantage that institutions use to harness information arbitrage before the masses. We aim to level the playing field with AI!

Partner With Us

If you are interested in speaking with us about how to invest in the first true Press Release as a Platform (PRaaP) application to accelerate our effort to become the leading provider of microcap research tools to the every day investor, contact us at or schedule a meeting via THIS CALENDAR.